AHS APOCALYPSE, EP 2: This Week on Big Bunker

The following is a spoiler-filled review and recap of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Don’t proceed if you don’t want spoilers!


This week on Big Bunker we start out with a bang as snakes seem to have found their way into the bunker. Ms. Miriam (Kathy Bates) decides one of them will make a good dinner. However, when the meal is served they all see them come back alive and that one guy they never show makes a remark about eating his boyfriend. And did they? I mean…probably right?

Lestat, I mean Langdon, seems to be the host of this dinner, there to tell them all about The Cooperative’s plan to save some of them from the Reavers that are sure to come eat kill and eat them all. Apparently The Cooperative has some “Sanctuary” where they want to keep all the people who pass some test or other. Or maybe Langdon is just there to fuck with everyone. I mean why not?

Bad Girls Die First Horror Podcast - AHS Apocalypse Recap

We also get a little cameo from another Murder House resident. The man in the rubber suit is back to fuel our nightmares and apparently fuck Tate and make him think that it’s Langdon.

Unfortunately for Tate, Nana Evie (Joan Collins) catches him fucking Mr. Rubbersuit and immediately tattles on him, getting him tortured in the process. While Tate is all tied up, Langdon tells him it definitely wasn’t him in the suit. But if it was would that mean that Langdon is fucking…his dad’s clone? It’s all very confusing.

Is it bad that I’m not at all interested in the young lovers? I mean of course if you’re trapped in a bunker with only one other person your age you’re probably going to try to bone or whatever. This week they’re trying to escape to The Sanctuary, or at least get some more information about it. When they break into Langdon’s room they find out about how Wilhelmina is full of shit and has just made up all these rules. But someone sees them snooping. Mr. Rubbersuit is on the ceiling the whole time. Is sticking to the ceiling genetic?

Whilhelmina (Sarah Paulson) isn’t immune to Langdon’s little test. Nope, she has to answer all his questions too. That’s when we find out she’s got a serious curve to her spine under that dress and definitely isn’t happy about it.


Finally we’re near the end. Mr. Rubbersuit comes to visit Tate again and since Tate is pissed at Langdon and thinks HE’S the one in the suit Tate stabs the shit out of Mr. Rubbersuit. He’s probably pretty happy about it until he looks up and Langdon is standing in the doorway and his Nana Evie is the one that’s been voted off the island, I mean stabbed to death.

Just to wrap up this Young Lovers storyline, they bang, they get caught. Whilhelmina sends them off to be murdered but Boy Lover gets the gun and shoots Ms. Miriam. In the final twist, she looks down and is full of….not blood and muscle? Wires? Holy shit, she’s Bishop from Aliens! I mean it looked like a android, but this is American Horror Story so maybe she’s the ghost of someone who lived in the bunker three hundred years ago and is now possessing the body of a android built by a crazy scientist AND SUDDENLY THIS IS A PHILIP K. DICK STORY. I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here. I guess we’ll have to find out next week.

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