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Glass: Shattered with More Questions than Answers

In the third installment of M. Night Shyamalan’s Superhero series, we’re treated to what should be the resolution of three different storylines. However, I feel like I’m left with even more questions than I had when I finished watching Unbreakable and Split. Part of me feels like this is just how I react to his movies now. Questions. Like: Why did you make The Happening?

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The Nun: Vowing to Scare in the Conjuring Universe

Never mind any talk about the evolution of the Conjuring franchise...I’m just floored that we even have a Conjuring franchise! And I mean that in the best sense. Director and producer James Wan took the real-life story of the Warrens (the paranormal warriors/fakers depending on who you ask) and morphed it to his own built-in cinematic universe.

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The Meg: Diving in the Shallow End

I’m getting more and more cynical when I watch movies, and I’m trying my best to stick to my old creedo of “just enjoy yourself.” That being said, the Meg was like trying to have sex with a sensitive virgin. Like, all I want is to be fucked good and hard, and he’s just like “no, let’s just sit and talk all night.” And I end up frustrated and disappointed…

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