Episode 24 - The Ritual (2017) and Wrong Turn (2003)

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If you’re going to be classist about something, it might as well be cannibals

EPISODE 24: The ladies at My Favorite Murder said it first, stay out of the forest! For June we’re watching films where a lot of dumb people go into the forest and maybe never come back because they didn’t stay on the damn trail.

The Ritual (2017)
Directed by: David Bruckner
Four friends go on a backpacking trip to pay homage to their dead friend and end up lost in the woods, pursued by an ominous presence.

Bad Girls Die First: Horror Podcast - The Ritual - Netflix

Wrong Turn (2003)
Directed by: Rob Schmidt
Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding."

Bad Girls Die First: Horror Podcast - Wrong Turn - Eliza Dushku


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